Bangkok once again 

The flight from Bali was alright but after landing there came the more difficult part. I had to queue more than one hour and a half at immigration and once I made it finally to the baggage my backpack wasn’t there… half worried I asked around and for told to go to the Air Asia office. I was so glad when already from far away I saw my luggage shining in front of the office. No idea how it got there but I had it back which was the most important thing.

Mentally prepared for taking the bus I made it to the station and waited. It’s all about patience. And after a while one of the numbers I had written down truely appeared. I showed where I needed to get off and settled down. 50 minutes later I had to go out (thanks to Google maps and GPS this actually can be a simple thing). I changed bus, same story and I actually made it to my hostal without getting lost this time!
Next problem was that I was in front of the hostal but noone was there.. I went next door and got help and someone called the number written on the door. One minute and there should be someone coming had been said. 30 minutes later a girl appeared, hardly speaking any English but I checked in and got the keys handed over. I made it! Only 12 hours after leaving my previous homestay haha.

The next day I spent walking. I went pretty much South the whole time, passed a market and at least three shopping malls and finally made it to Lupini park, a nice quite place to relax. From there I wandered through other close neighbourhoods and my feet started to feel pretty tired. I still had to walk all way back but once I found a massage place for a decent price I made a break. I forgot how badly Thai massage can feel and due to my tense muscles I suffered quite a lot. Still afterwards you feel good, that’s the important thing.

My diner I got from a night market close to my hostal and tired I made it back. One more day before catching my first flight home…

On my last day I went to the famous Chatuchat market also known as JJ market. Bus was once again a good option and I made it without trouble. 

I got many recommendations for that market and thought it would be just another one but actually it was great and way to huge. A part from the typical touristic stuff they had lovely cloth and anything you can imagine. I gave up after 4h – I saw not even half of it. I met people coming here just for days of JJ market shopping- so imagine!

Lucky right outside is a pretty nice park where you can prepare yourself mentally for what’s to come or go back for a nice little break. All in all an exhausting but beautiful last day in Thailand. Tomorrow morning I’m ready for the flight!

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