Dubai – Munich and all of a sudden it’s over 

Before reaching European ground I had a 20 hours stopover which I basically spent resting and sleeping as I had to get up at 5am to get the next flight. The trip itself was alright and I arrived tired but feeling well in Frankfurt where I had two days to undo my luggage and do it again preparing myself for 10 days in Munich in order to attend the next module of my yin yoga teacher training.

It’s was great. The first days I had to fight with a bit of a jetlag but I survived and my energy got better and I managed to stay motivated the 9 intense days of our training. 
Now I’m back home in Frankfurt and all of a sudden it’s all over. At least for now. Mentally I’m already planning how to escape again next winter.

I knew this date would come and also looked forward to it as I have many projects in my head which now finally it’s time to realise. 

I already had my stop at the employment agency and am officially filed now as looking for work as an autonomous yoga teacher.

So my adventure will definitely go on – even though it’s in Germany for now. 

I believe this blog will be paused but a new page will be coming soon about me being a teacher. 

Stay put and please follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram. 

All my love to you, to whom ever is out there reading this lines!

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  1. yepyoga says:

    All the best! See you again next winter 🙂

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