About rice fields and water temples 

Bali is definitely knows for it’s rice fields- still on my way to then I didn’t expected that much. I have been travelling Asia for month now and have passes by many rice fields. Still this one surprised me.. maybe it was the light that day or just the Balinese atmosphere but I loved this place. The vibe was so calm even though it’s quite a touristic place. 

Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to walk within in but I’m glad I made to see them.

The aim of the trip was to visit one of the less touristy water temples. After a lot of searching we finally found the place, changed cloth and bought some offerings. There are three nivel in the temple I went to and on every one you leave one offering, including some insense sticks and silent prayers. Once done you bath yourself under the waterfalls. Fully dressed. Luckily it wasn’t as cold as expected and the experience was much better than I thought. First you let the water fall on you head to the stone, than you turn. On every step you can pray or repeat your mantra. Than you move to the next waterfall. Feeling the strength and power of the fresh water was amazing. The whole procedure is supposedly a purification process and after concluding it I agree- I definitely felt different. 

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