Last days in Bali 

Time is always passing to quickly and my month is Bali is coming to an end. 
I had such a great time I’m already thinking of coming back.

The food is great, the people are amazingly friendly and every week there seem to be a holy bank holiday. People still live their beliefs and the tradition with it’s daily offerings, the smell of insense everywhere and a temple (or 3) in every street makes this a pretty special place. The nature and it’s variety is stunning, you have mountains and beautiful beaches and – of course- lots of possibilities to practice yoga.

The last days I spent in Sanur- where my journey begun. Not the number one place to be but at least it got a bus connection. I just wanted to have a quite place and I got one. The tiny little streets are sweet, the beach is ok but not the best and you have plenty of restaurants. I stayed once again in a homestay and even got a small pool (which in the end I couldn’t use as I got myself a last minute memory from Ubud- a new tattoo). 

I still enjoyed everything and went on with my new perfect daily routine of yoga twice a day, eating and reading and going for a walk or having a massage. A great ending of a great month!

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