About me

Describing me in shorty is difficult as I since I was little I liked to write lots. In three words I would break it down to my passions: Yoga – Surfing – Travelling.

Hearing from friends sometimes that I´m living in my own Eva´s world (where everything could be possible) is one thing that might define me though I have to recognize I´m still learning to deal with unforeseen happenings outside “my world” and accept that not always everything and everyone acts or happens the way I imagined.

Anyway I would describe me as a creative, honest and relaxed person who is also quite pragmatic and effective. Looking forward to all the lessons this life enables me to learn.


I was born in Frankfurt/Germany in 1984. After finishing school I still had no idea what I want to become in life so I started studying topics I am interested in which wouldn’t necessarily lead to a certain job.

It was always my dream to live in Spain so besides philosophy and cultural anthropology I studied linguistics taking advantage that in this career I was able to finally learn Spanish. As a second language I chose Portuguese and I still remember my teacher saying that “due to this skill meaning speaking Portuguese we will find a job” – which actually became true.

I was writing my master thesis about the sociolinguistic situation of Moroccan immigrants living in Andalucía which gave me the chance to spend three month in Malaga doing interviews.

After my degree I went living in Torremolinos where I spent two great years till finally the economy crisis brought me back to Frankfurt.

Due to my language skills I ended up working for a Brazilian bank where I not only improved my different languages but was also able to learn about economics and the financial system. After more then four years working there, I decided that it is time to actually decide what I really want to do.

Basically it started me turning 30 as I decided to finally start travelling outside Europe. In the past I always wanted to but was waiting for someone to come with me – which never happened. So I thought its now or never and started travelling to other continents. First to Malaysia and many other countries to follow. In the same year I started surfing and my daily yoga practice which not only changed my lifestyle to a much healthier one but also gave me the final strength to make something different with my life.