About this Blog

This blog is about two of my passions, travelling and yoga. I want to invite you to follow me on this exciting journey leaving the “common” life apart for a while and following my dreams. I decided to quit my job and leave my apartment and focus on travelling. The first longer trip will be to South America starting in August and next year I want to go to Asia. In between I also will be doing two yoga teacher trainings. One will be a classical Hatha Yoga training in Tenerife (Spain) and the other one a Yin Yoga one in Munich (Germany).

I want to invite you to follow my path, first of all virtually via this blog but maybe you also might get some inspiration to work on your own internal aspirations.

I will write about my experiences during this coming month but also want to give space to present interesting people who are crossing my way.

Life is too short to just let it pass without really living it. Once you free your mind of things “society” conditioned us to want to have and you manage to get rid of potential fear but let yourself inspire by nature and your inside feelings, life will become an adventure worth living.


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  1. Anke Sander says:

    Really great Blog!
    Can’t wait to “join” you on your trip!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Anke! I’m also looking forward to it and am quite curious of all that is going to happen


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