The Yoga Barn 

There are many different places to practice yoga in Ubud but in the end I decided one of the most famous places- the Yoga Barn- and didn’t regret it. Even though the 10 class is quite expensive (900k) they offer so many different classes a day it’s worth it. All the teachers I went to did a great job. Classes were full but if you come early (check in opens 30 min before class) you get a good space. I attended usually a Vinyasa class in the morning and a Yin class in the evening. Specially I liked the Balinese teacher and it gives you more of the local atmosphere. 

I was close to getting a one week unlimited pass in another studio but it the end it was better to “just” go twice a day. With food and all the rest Ubud has to offer (great massage and shopping- too many nice boutiques) my day was more than full and after 8 days of festival my body was already a bit exhausted so more wouldn’t have been the ideal I believe.

The Yoga Barn has two different entrances, has also a cafe and offers massage – though I didn’t try one there as everything is more expensive than in town.

Anyway the studio is nice, the shalas are spacious and airy. I only got bitten up one evening by some mosquitos.. I put spray on but they actually bit me around 20 times through my leggings- so be aware.

Ubud itself is a great place to hang out and life live. One of the founders of the Yoga Barn and the Spirit Festival explained to us that all this isn’t a coincidence. After the bombing in 2008 there weren’t enough tourists coming and the local business wasn’t going well. So they thought about what kind of people they would want to attract and decided to create this yogic city with all its studios, vegan restaurants and way to much cool shops with leggings. It worked quite well. Nowadays walking through town every second foreigner wears yoga cloth and has mat under it’s arm. Marketing worked!

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