Volunteering at the Bali Spirit Festival

Once arrived in Ubud I didn´t manage to see much as the day after my arrival we had the volunteer orientation meeting and then the festival started.

We were more than 200 volunteers and had a nice vibe together. I got the postion as Grove Pavillion host which ended up being a pretty cool position. I managed to see the worksops in my pavillion and was greeting and counting everyone coming in, being there for answering question and make sure everything was working, teachers arriving on time, sound working and that was basically it. I had the morning shift which ment getting up at 5h30 every day but I got used to it quite quickly in simply went to bed early every day. 

The afternoons were free so I attended as much workshops as I felt like and had a pretty cool and intense week. Teachers were all great, we laught and cried and so the week was over way too quickly. I met amazing people and letting go again was hard as always. The festival finished with concerts on the weekend which specially on Sunday – the last day were great. 

Yesterday we had a last volunteer diner together but many people already left. We followed the Ogoh Ogoh parade, the ending of the Balinese year and today I spend my day in contemplation of the previous day and the time to come. Today is Nyepi – a day of silence where you spend the day in meditaiton, no talking, no entertainment. It is not allowed to switch on light or walk on the street so the bad spirits won´t stay on earth as they wouldn´t find anyone around. An interesting experience. I slept 12h and as my space to move is limited I will spend my day reading and sleeping – once again. But it is just what I need right now. And its amazing being able just listening to the natural sounds and nothing else. Giving the earth a day without any human being destroying its peace. I believe it is an unique day – in Germany it would defintely not be possible as even the airport is shut down. First I was a bit afraid of being prisoner for one day but now living it you feel the peacefulness every where and I´m grateful being part of this today. 

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