Time to relax – Nusa Ceningan

Before going to Ubud to attend the Spirit Festival I decided to take some time out and spend some relaxing days in a small island called Nusa Ceningan. 

It´s located south of Bali and you can take a ferry just from Sanur which will leave you at the bigger island Nusa Lembogan. From there you can just walk over as there is a bridge between those two islands. The region is known for diving and snorkeling but as I had to take care of the 200 bites I got I spent my first days reading and sleeping at the pool as I had to take antihistamins. I got better and so I walked around Ceningan which takes around 2 hours and with some detours I made it to beautiful secret beach.

The day after I walked Lembogan – which took me more hours and due to the heat it result being quite exhaustive but I made it. My first destination was dream beach though the current was so strong that day that it was dangerous taking a bath – still it looked pretty nice of course. From there I went to devils hole which lays only a couple of minutes away and from there I crossed the island to the main beaches in the north. I had a swim and lunch, rested a bit and than made my way back crossing the island southwards and back to Ceningan.

If you are not into walking, there are of course taxi or you can easily rent a scooter. 

The days passed quickly, I went to bed early every night and got the rest I was looking for. With new energy and curious what the festival would be like, I made my way up to Ubud.

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