Arriving in Indonesia

Right on time I landed at 11h15 at Denpassar airport in Bali. The first impression was pretty nice. Instead of grey airport buildings we saw green palm trees and a perfectly blue colored sky.

After waiting at Immigration I got my backpack and made it out. After several attemps of getting money I got the equivalent of 38$… not much but at least a start.

After fighting of the taxi drivers I went to the local bus station and waited there. Supposedly this bus would take me to Sanur, the town I needed to go to and they run every hour. Even though I was tired I wanted to try my luck and after about 20 min buses started to come. I took the second one which was supposed to be the right direction as I confirmed before going in. We drove a bit and once the lady wanted to reconfirm where I want to go out and I showed her on my phone she apologized and said I have to go out – wrong bus. She misunderstood me at first she said… What a pity. So I went out as she told me to get the next bus. But there was no station and the locals said I can´t take the bus from the street so someone walked me back to the airport. There I waited and after some minutes there was again a bus – but again the wrong direction. They told me to get the next bus. Which never came. I waited 1h30 always thinking that it must come any minute. But it didn´t. Being tired and without food I finally gave up and went to Sanur by taxi paying 70k instead of 3.500… much more expensive but I was too exhausted to loose my whole day standing at the airport. After 3pm I arrived to my hostal, a beautiful place. I left my luggage and went to the beach having lunch/diner listening to some reggae music and drinking fresh lime juice. Revitalised I felt much better, chilled a bit on the pool and slept early. I was so tired I didn´t felt the mosquitos – or whatever it has been. I woke up at 3am having been biten about 100 times. The days after were horrible due to the need of scratching the whole time. Apart from that the place (Rumah Samba) is amazing. In the next morning I did some yoga, swam a bit and went back to the beach for breakfast. Finally I entered hokiday mode – the only thing hindering me was all the itching… But hopefully changing place will help to get better soon.

Will kep you posted. Next stop: Lusa Ceningan – a small island in the south.


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