From Siem Reap to Bangkok

This trip was originally supposed to take 8h as the women selling me the ticket stated. Once I got into the bus the trip was already said to take 10h.

Pick up 7h30. The Bus left at 8h20 – already a tiny bit delayed.

Alright. Seat were ok and the one next to me free (as half broken) so I made myself comfortable. The time till the Cambodian/Thailand boarder passed quickly and after 1h of standing in the queue I made it once again to Thailand arriving at the bus office around 12h20. Well in time I felt good. After all this shouldn´t take too long after all. Within the next 30 min people from the bus made it as well and we waited. And kept waiting. I have no clue for what. At some point they let us take our places in the bus but still – we stand still for another hours. Around 7h30 in the evening we finally made it to town. I got off at the train station and luckily there was a direct train from there going to the airport. I had to wait once again but at least was able to get some food and after 50 min train ride I made it. I arrived at the hostel after 9 and till I got showered and everything sortet out for the next day it was past 10 – knowing that I had to get up again at 3am didn´t really help me to relax but at some time I felt asleep.

Next stop: Indonesia

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