The miracles around Sieam Reap – discovering Angkor Wat

Digging into the past – Angkor Wat and other temples


The main reason for tourists coming to Siem Reap is definitely visiting the temples. The area is around 40km2 and you can spend days there exploring the temples. I got up early and went to see the sunrise and Angkor Wat – the biggest and most famous of the temples complex – sharing a tuk tuk with two other travelers. A normal price for this is 15$ – though I heard from people spending only 8$. A daily pass at the moment costs 37$ as unfortunately they just raised the prices for the first time after 20 years – and almost doubeled. 3 days costs 62$ and 7 days 72$ – so in case you have time its cheaper and less exhausting spending more days. Good to know that you don´t have to visit on following days but that you can take breaks in between. Nevertheless I did only one day and it is a lot of money in the end. After Angkor we went doing more or less the big temple circuit with a couple of stops in between. The temples themselves are different each. Being it in color, architecture or reliefs which makes it worth discovering more. After spending 8h visiting we had to give up. Walking in the heat and sometimes sourounded by tons of tourits made this a more exhausting tour than I had previously expected. Instead of staying till sunset we went back in the early afternoon and I was so tired I felt aslept in the tuk tuk.
Siem Reap is also nice to stay some days. You get food within all tastes and price ranges, lots of yoga studios, cheap massages (I got an hour food massage for 2$) and most of the hotels even have a small pool to hang out. I got a hostel for less than 3$ so even being a tourist orientated town you can live cheaply.

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