United Yoga Siem Reap

Since 1st of March United Yoga is part of Krama Yoga Cambodia – a project initiated 2008 in order to teach locals how to teach yoga and spread knowledge around the country. Besides getting a way of earning money its also ment as an initiative of empowement and creating the environment of seeing onself potential and see that they are able to do things on their own being self-relible and self-confident.

The seeds of Krama Yoga were planted in November 2008 when seven young Cambodians began intensive yoga training under the founder and yoga teacher, Isabelle Skaburskis, assisted by a qualified Cambodian yoga teacher, Yan Vannac. By 2010, the training had evolved into an apprenticeship program geared specifically to the needs of young Cambodians from under-privileged backgrounds and came to include outreach classes taught by the apprentices for over 300 children and adolescents from children’s NGOs, orphanages and rehabilitation shelters. As of March 2011, all teachers at Krama Yoga are internationally certified instructors, having completed in-house teacher training as well as external certification programs with international yoga trainers.

Piseth, the founder of United Yoga, was herself a student of Krama Yoga in its first generation. Now after having had her own studio in Siem Reap for many years, she merged into Krama Yoga and went back to her roots.

United Yoga is a beautiful studio around 15 min walking away from the touristic center. The area is nice and rural and the shala spacious and airy. Mats, blocks and bolster are provided and I felt honoured to be able to teach a yin yoga class myself there last week.

No matter what style of yoga you are looking for, in Siem Reap you will be able to find everything. There are several studios and resorts offering classes – one teacher told me that right now there are around 15 places where to practice. So you will surely be able to find your own.


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