Sihanoukville – second attempt

Sometimes life brings you back to places you already have been to – so I ended up going back to Sihanoukville for a couple of days as I got a cheap flight to Siem Reap. So instead of loosing a day and a half from Kamot I had a one hour flight.

I didn´t expected much from Sihanoukville but it ended up being nicer than I tought. The main beach is not so beautiful but at least long. Walking straight some point you make it to Otres Beach where I stayed last time. Otres is supposed to be calmer and nicer but I honestely didn´t saw that much of a difference. The beach itself is also long but small with also lots of food vendors or massage offering ladies which might be against the peaceful stay you are looking for. I spend my days walking to the other beaches namely independance and Sokha beach. Independance beach is supposedly nice for sunset but walking its about an hour away so I made it home ealier. Sokha was only 10 min away from my hostal close to the Lion Statue roundabout and is my favorite beach where I spend most of the time.

I also went to the local food market and got some delicious soup for breakfast and after went to Leu Pagoda, another 30 min walk. The temple is beautiful, there were no tourists or foreigners but some local workers and lots of statues. Its worth a visit though the going up can be a bit annoying due to the heat. Once up you have a amaying view around the area. From there I went downwards on another way and walked to independance beach and then to Sokha before arriving back for diner. I left 8h30 in the morning and arrived at Sokha early afternoon – the route is definitely worth it but be preared to walk and bring enough water.

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