Taking a break from travelling spending a week in Kampot doing Yoga 

After running from one place to the next and just staying between one and three nights in the past weeks I needed a break from all the travelling and instead of going to the beach I decided the place to be for me would be Kampot. Great local food, a relaxed vibe, friendly people and several options to practice yoga. As my own practice got quite interrupted the past weeks I needed to reestablish my routine and created my own “retreat” for myself getting a nice hotel room where I can get enought rest and a 10 class pass from the studio I liked most the last time.

I slept, eat and went to yoga twice a day. It was great. The hours within practice just passed by too quickly. I didn´t see that much of what is around but spend my time hanging out, writing and reading or just having a nap. After some days I felt different already, stronger and more relaxed – honestly I would have wanted to stay longer but after 7 nights it was time to move on.

In case you would want to move around – there is Borok National Park, Fishing Villages, further away beaches, green pepper farms and waterfalls. You can also just walk or drive around the riverside or as I did – visit the local morning market buying lots of fruits and eating in one of the street restaurants for only 1$.

The studios I tried out were Banteay Srey Spa, a training project for Khmer women to learn massages and English while there are two yoga classes held daily 9:30am and 5pm (closed on Tuesdays) held by volunteers. I loved the place, a bit outside the center you overlook the river and just being there relaxes you already – that is where I did my classes.

Second option is in the Simple Things restaurant – on the second floor there have a small room offering classes 9am and 5pm (closed on Wednesdays) – the room is pretty nice but you hear the voices and music from the restaurant below and I also preferred the teachers from the other place.

Both places are 5$ per class (but offer 10x bonus cards which are cheaper); the morning class is in both cases more a Vinyasa Flow orientated one and the afternoon one a more restorative and Yin one. Whereas Yin is relative – it has nothing to do with what I´m currently learning in my teacher training based on Yin as Paul Grilley put it.

This seems really problematic nowadays – lots of people sell Yin classes without the proper training. Its not just only about holding the position longe, but lots of teacher seem to not have informed themselves properly. Which doesn´t mean at all that I didn´t liked the classes – I just wouldn´t call them Yin as they sell them on the Spa.

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