Some days in Kep and Koh Tonsey (Rabbit Island)

Kep itself hasn´t too much to offer as the town is spread within one street alongside the coastline so you have to walk a lot for anything. There is one beach which is ok but from my hotel 2.5km away. The good thing is, I found a place where I have my own room and own bathroom and I only pay 5$ per night- so its ok to walk a bit as there is also not much else to do.

An attraction is the crab market which is overpriced but nice to visit. Later follow the coastline till you are back on the beach, a nice view to walk during sunset.

One day I also hiked the Kep National Park which is more like going for a walk to my surrise as roads are big and good. You walk around on the height of a mountain with a stuning view over Kep and the coast. As entry is only 1$ is a must-do. The basic road in the park takes around 8km if you want to do a circle.


Rabbit Island

Koh Tonsey is another beautiful – and even smaller – island. Boat round trip is 8$ and takes around 30 minutes. You have some pretty beaches and great and more or less afordable restaurants (worth what you get for, tasty and big portions). I saw that there is a way around the island which I read takes 3h to walk. Once there I tried to confrirm this information but they told me that there is a way but that you need a machete to open the ways… Now me being used to nature (this is semi-sacastic) I thought I might give it a try anyways and just walk till nature inhibits me the way. Once I was half-around, of course there was no way me going backwards. Path were decent, small but I found the way. Till the way disapperead on one of the parts where you walk on the coast.. There where trees till the water and stones on the bottom and no pathways.. But as I only had 1/4th of the way to go I just decided to walk in the water. This was slow but worth it. Only 5 minutes later the path started again and I happily made it around the island withou any mayor incidents.

I rested some hours on my favorite beach (now that I knew all of them) and then had delicious lunch at one of the restaurants. At 4pm the boat brought me back to Kep and I regreted now having taken advantage of the possibility to rent a bungalow to sleep directely on the island. Maybe another time, its a place I definetely would go back to.

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