Arriving in Cambodia – Sihanoukville and Koh Ta Kiev : welcome to paradise

My first impressions of Cambodia are great. I arrived and just loved the country. People are amazingly friendly and even understand me (or being it some english words or at least my body language). Towns are small and laid-back with much less traffic than Vietnam. I spent my first two nights in Kampot (where I will go back soon as there is some yoga going on and I liked this town so much I decided to spend some more time there instead of on the beach… weird- I know). But anyways there will be a separate post.

img_20170216_150908_902.jpgMe and my too big backpack on my way to the hostel in Sihanoukville

From Kampot I went to Sihanoukville which is a 2h bus ride away. I spent one night at Otres Beach- the supposedly nicest one and on the next morning the boat to Koh Ta Kiev was picking us up in front of “wish you were here hostel”. The trip takes only around 45 minutes and you arrive in paradise. The bungalows are basic, there is no electricity and no running water. Thanks to some solar panels mobiles can be charged some hours in the evening but anyways there is no wifi on the whole island. Beaches are amazing, warm and clear water, and best: almost no other people around. I stayed 3 nights but could have spend more time there. There are several small path which enable you to discover the other parts of the island, there are mango plantations and also a small fishing village. The nature on the island varies a lot so its definetely worth to walk around. The only negative point is that there is obviously no street food so you are obliged to eat in the hostels. Their food is great but expensive. So instead of 1$ I had to spend 7$ for a meal and Kaktus Hostel. The Last Point Hostel is a bit cheaper; I stayed in both places. Last point offers food the whole day whereas Kaktus has special times (“family diner”) and also is a bit more expensive but the chill out area is much nicer. You decide šŸ˜‰

And donĀ“t be scared of the cows, there are 18 living wildly on the island and they might show up on the night as well. One day I almost run into one trying to find my way to the bathroom as it was so dark. The island isnĀ“t that big but I felt I saw cows everywhere.

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