Stand-by Laos

Being sick in Vang Vieng

The next stop in Laos was Vang Vieng, some years ago famous for its drug and partyscene and the tubing it now slowed down though there are still some bars and party people stopping by. I skipped all the fun part as I already became sick in Luang Prabang. It started with the body aching like I am getting a flu but then the vomiting started. The 7h bus ride down to Vang Vieng was curvy and under my current conditions a living nightmare. I felt sick the whole time and was so glad once I made it to my destiny. I stayed in bed and at the hostel and the evening after the diarrea started and I literally had to spend half day on the toilet. I know this happens to every traveller and so far I had been lucky so I took it the best way I could and just stayed for some days in bed resting. No apetite and continous diarrea hold on till I finally got better on day three (a day before leaving again) and all I could do was going for a walk and see at least part of town.

The town is alright, some nice chill out bars and fancy restaurants with a beautiful view of the river and the close mountains. The nature is just amazingly beautiful and there are lots of outdoor activities available if you are fit. I met some people who done the climbing and they loved it. Besides there are also close by caves, waterfalls and rivers so whatever you like doing you can propably do it there.

Vientiane – Laos capital city

Yesterday I arrived after 4 h bus ride to Vietiane the capital of Laos. You get a bit of city feeling but the center itself is smal and you can walk everywhere within some minutes. You have some international restaurants, a giant night market and a nation museum which might be worth a visit. I knew many people who found the museum excellent – I don´t share this opinion but it is alright goiing there for a visit. Just don´t expect to much. The Buddha park 25km outside of town looks also nice but as I only stayed a day I couldn´t make it there.

If you look for some shoping opportuniy, Vientiane is also not the place to be. i´m still lacking a Bikini as I lost mine back in Thailand and so far I wasn´t able to buy something as simle as that. There are almost no shops and those who are don´t have swimwear. Hope I will be lucier in Hanoi where I´m flying to tomorrow.

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