Visiting Luang Prabang

I spent about three full days here, which was a fair amount of time. Within one day of walking around the city center, you have enough time to see everything.

I walked around the old part of town, visited some of the endless temples and crossed the bamboo bridge to the other side where you can find a small village doing paper production and making handmade scarves.

If you want to shop and eat, the city (of course) also offers a night market.

Food is good and cheap but in general less spicy than the Thai cuisine I would say. People are friendly (apart from the ones working in my hostel, unfortunately – I stayed in Wat That Homestay which I wouldn´t recommend. They made me feel pretty unwelcome and I paid more having a reservation than the people walking in and some other tiny stuff about laundry & co).

The most beautiful waterfall is also near-by. Only 30 km away and for 20.000 Kip entry (about 2 Dollar) it is defenitely worth a visit. The water was turquoise blue and even though it was crowded you would always find a spot to sit and enjoy as there area is quite big. You can also do some hiking to the top of the waterfall from where you have a nice view on the mountains.

It’s also nice to cross to the other side of the Mekong (ferry 5.000Kip) and just walk around from there and getting lost. There a almost no tourists but sone more temples so it’s the perfect escape fron the big city for half a day.

All in all worth a visit and I´m curiojuus what else to find in Laos.

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