Yin Yoga & Energy Immersions with Lek

Checking the yoga studios in Chiang Mai I happily found out tha my stay there was coinciding with a workshop that really sounded interessting. Now being a Hatha teacher but at the same time still (and always will be) a student. I thought this was a great opportunity of getting to know how another culture is enfocusing yin as I´m currently attending the teacher training in Germany. Helga Baumgartner, my teacher in Munich, learned with Paul Grilley – so the focus is quite based on western culture even though Yin also takes out some aspects of the Chinease medecine. Anyway I believed it to be great occation deepening my practice and getting to know other aspects.

The workshop ended up being pretty different. I learned a lot. Maybe not so much about Yin Yoga – but about life.

Lek told us about his background and how he ended up making this living out of teaching yoga. Besides some workshops he basically only does one class per week which is like a mini workshop and he really prepares himself for this one class. He also did some training in NLP and the subconsciousness mind so the workshop ended up being a mixture of all of this. We did also some practice but instead of holding poses rigidly we were playing around and trying out new things which makes us ending up in Handstand or the Wheelpose. We also did some tests on how our mind controlls our emotions and as our emotions controll our body we can perfectly empower ourselves much more than we can simply believing in our own power, in being our own godess.

It is hard to put all this in words and one day if I have more time I will write more about this but as I´m also supposed to enjoy my travelling and I also want to let the knew experience settle down a bit more, I migt come back to this.

Bottomline is – if you get the chance to attend one of Leks classes or workshops – do so! It can be life – changing if you want it to be.

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  1. yepyoga says:

    Very curious about the life lessons 🙂 Tell us more, tell us more 😉


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