Yoga in Chiang Mai

Yoga Kuukan

The first studio I went to in Ching Mai was Yoga Kuukan conveniently situated in the Northeastern part of town and only a short walk away from Mr. Jacks Guesthouse (100 Baht/Night) where I stayed my first week.
The studio itself is nice and clean. You get a warmly welcome and some herbal water but at the same time its the most expensive one. Here you pay for a drop-in class 300 Baht whereas other teacher charge 100 Baht. Other studios usually cost 200 – 250. Anyway of course it is still cheaper as Europe but as we are in Asia, going to attend a class really is almost out of budget. Of course it gets cheaper if you pay a multiple class ticket but for those just passing by some days it might geht expensive.
The classes I attended were nice but unfortunately none of the teacher were Thai. I went to a somatic yoga class from an Israelian teacher and a chi breathing class from a Chinease teacher. Both were good and I enoyed class – also because both styles were new to me. Still if they charge so hight I always feel its a money making thing – as long as the foreigners pay they just overcharge.
I was wondering if Thai people themselves practice yoga and if so, where. Most of the studios I found had western prices and were in hands of Non-Thais.

Wild Rose Yoga Studio

The same is Wild Rose Yoga Studio. The owner is a Chinease looking women who moved more than 10 years ago from California to Thailand. The first time I met her, she was kind of tough. If I wouldn´t really want to go to that workshop I wanted to pay for, I might not have come back. Of course you need to be a buissnes women if you want to make a studio work but still this doesn´t mean she has to be rude. In the end the people attenting her classes are her clients and it definitely sometimes didn´t felt that way. To be fair, I believe she just needs some time to get warm with people – at least this was the experience from also other students. A part from that, the room itself is cosy and airy. The only disturbing point was the noise from some contruction work outside the house – but this can´t be controlled.

The workshop itself was great and even though expensive, it was worth the money. A closer description on what I learned in the Yin Yoga & Energy Immersions workshop will be coming soon.

Another supposedly good studio is Yoga Tree but unfortunately I couldn´t make it to their classes.
Anyway there are plenty of locations of practicing yoga in Chiang Mai! If you don´t want to spend any money, just bring your mat and go to the park within the old city. You can practice for yourself or join the acroyoga which is there almost evey afternoon till the sunset.


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  1. yepyoga says:

    Nice that you went to Kuukan. They have the most interesting classes I think.


  2. For other Yoga studios, vega(n) restaurants and more in Chiang Mai see my guide:


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