24 hours of silence

2 days of meditation

I thought attending one of this short two day meditation retreats would be kind of a superficial experience from what I heard and read from other blogggers but as I didn´t had any other plans I thought I could as well attend it and try it out for myself.

What I didn´t knew was that it was a silent meditation retreat. It was kind of unexpected as I believed only this 7/10 weeks retreat were silent but it also came to the right moment.

I spent almost the whole trip together with new friends I made so this forced break of talking was refreshing. We met at 1pm at Wat Suan Dok temple, got an (too short and superficial) introdution in Buddhism and then went on to the meditation center, around 1h east from Chiang Mai.

The center is nice, calm and a great place for meditation. We shared rooms, beds were alright and the food pretty good. I didn´t learned as much as I wanted about the culture but we had more than enough time for mediation as we basically didn´t do anything else till the next day in the afternoon. We had one open discussion about our experiences but apart from that we remained in silence till we actually set in the bus to be droven back to the city.

I more and more enjoyed the practice. It was raining so I focused myself on the sound of the rain most of the times which I loved. I also tried standing and walking meditation but me personally I prefer sitting. I never sit and did nothing to extensively and as a test run it was nice. I actually might consider more serioulsy doing a 10 days retreat after this experience. I felt much more reconected to myself and calmer. Hope it stays on for a while.

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