Living Life : first week in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – some people say it´s one of the biggest cities after Bangkok but once you are in it, it is much more easy going. There are no buses which whom you can get lost – you can basically walk everywhere or just rent a bike.

For longer distance you also have the red vans, some kind of Asian “collectivo” which moves throughout the city. I stayed in a nice and cheap hostel (100 Baht per night) for my first week. It´s just outside the cityring, north of it but anything you need is close. I night food market, some supermarkets and to the center its only 10 min walk. It is quite romantic just to stay outside on the water having a drink.

As I knew I will stay some time I took it easy and didn´t rushed to the sightseeing but just spend the days walking around town, eating or having some fruit juices.

Unfortunately weather is quite bad, the first days it almost didn´t stop raining. I barely got my cloth try and the motivation to go out was even less. That is why I finally managed to start writing again. Finally.

Besides the one day night markets there is a big souvenir market called night Bazar outside of the center on the East side. You can spend hours there shopping but the little food they have was quite expensive – for this it´s better to go somewhere else.

You have also some vegeterian restaurants, lots of yoga studios (but of course, there will be a separate blog for this) and thai massage en mase which I enjoyed as it is cheaper than other places. So far I found a thai massage for 140 Baht and Oil massages for 250 Baht.

As for things to do around – I started to go to one of the national parks but due to the rainy weather we didn´t make it to the viewpoint. It was just too scary, the streets get quite slippery and none of us was an expert driving a bike which was kind of part of the problem.

Now its actually some days later, it is still raining way too much but at least I got one sunny day in between and this time I made it up to Hmong village and Doi Pui Viewpoint in the Doi Suthep Pui National Park.

The view was just amazing!

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  1. I love Chiang Mai !!!


  2. nakamura1982 says:

    It’s nice to meet you!
    My name is KEI, from Japan. I’m always interesting in reading your posts.
    You seem to have a lot of precious experiences in Thailand while doing Yoga! I think you are able to feel one of the most beautiful and misterious atmospher of Buddihst rather than any other Asia part, I think.
    To me, once I’ve been in Thailand 10 years ago for sightseen, I went to the places you visited to.

    So, please take care and I’m looking foward to reading your next posts!


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