Ayutthaya – the Rome of Asia

I stayed 4 days in Ayutthaya and I loved the town. Being a close one day tour destination from Bangkok I´m glad I stayed longer. The town is small but big enough to walk around the whole day, rent a bicycle and explore the area, temple by temple. Khmer culture is widespread but I also found Chinease temples, a muslim one and even a catholic church.

Temple hopping

I arrived the 31st and spend an afternoon walking around. Due to the holidays all temples had free entry so I saw quite some. Had some delicious diner at the night market (exquisite, so far the best food I got) and had some drinks with other travellers and started quite calm into 2017 (which was the plan, I just wanted to escape hectic and stressed Bangkok).

The next day we rented bikes and drove around and had once again food on the market. Our hostel wasn´t in the center but only 5 min away and close to the river having a bar 3 houses away we got life music every night and had the perfect chill out place (1303 hostel).


After knewing town I was lucky to join a roadtrip by moto bike exploring the sourroundings, local lifestyle and the area. On the second day we made it to Lopburi, again a Khmer temple – but apart from that the attraction there is actualy the hundreds of monkeys living there. No fear, we had to be more carefull not to get attact and something stolen. Inside the temple you can actually hide and watch them – but then again it´s the zoo feeling – only that in that case we are the ones in the cage.

We made it bad healthy and that same night I took the night train to Chiang Mai which was the first easy going trip. Train was more or less on time, again nice people on board and after chatting some ours I actually managed to get some sleep and arrived the next morning at a decent time of 9h30 in the North.



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