Trip 2.0 Asia, here I come

Anyone asking himself why I haven´t been too active lately might hopefully be happy to know that I´m stil alive and doing quite well. Maybe too well. My first week in Thailand was already full of experiences, not enough sleep and meeting lots of nice people wherever I went to. Currently I´m North, but let´s start chronologialy.

Arrival in Bangkok

The flight with Emirates and the stopover in Dubai went well as always. My first impression in the skytrain was also postive. Modern, mixed people and happily I made it once again after travelling an entire day. Though my mood was due to change. Once out of the train, I planned to take a bus which supposedly (after my big trustee google maps) and this was more of a challenge than I expected it to be. GPS didn´t work so I relied on asking people and got blown away farer and farer away from where the bus stop was. I ended up walking exactly in the opposite direction but luckily after some point I got my GPS signal and was able to locate myself. I walked back, started from scratch and actually found the bus stop. After a couple the right number appeared but the driver couldn´t speak a word. I settled in, being the only passanger. Something seemed weird but anyway. After some minutes we stopped, he got his breakfast and the lady selling the tickets joined and so some other passangers as well. I showed were I had to go, they checked the map and decided I can stay in the bus. After 15 min break we went on away and we passed the city to make it to the other side of the river. At some point the lady made me signals to leave but on google there were still 2 stops to go. I showed her and as she didn´t react I thougt I was alright. I just have trused. From here the road spread into two and we went over a large bridge and drove on…. and on…. the distance to the point I wanted to get out got bigger and bigger. This got frustating. I had to walk around 45 min before I finally reached my hostel. No sidewalk, climbing over things and too much hours without sleep (as always the movies in the plains were too interesting and the seat to uncompfy).

Not much people there seem to speak English – at least not in the off the track neighbourhood I stayed in. At least I got my lunch for 20 Baht – a bargain. I didn´t see much of town. I stayed close, got my first massage and made new friends in my hostel. Too good – first night instead of finally sleeping we chated till 7am.

Still half wasted and with jet lag two days later I wanted to go to Ayuttaya, a town 90km northwards. As difficult as it was to get to my hostel, the same problems I had leaving town. The receptionist in my hostel didn´t speak English so I followed some instructions on the wall. Taking the  bus 28 from the opposite direction. Once in and tryting to buy my ticket to the Northern Bus Terminal they said I had to get out and take the bus from the other side of the road… Again out, adventouring to cross the street and getting on the bus once more. I confirmed my wish to Northern, bought my ticket and after some time we arrived. After asking around for my bus, I had to found out that I ended up in the Southern Terminal – on the other side of town.

I got some help from a Thai who started to ask around for me and after talkingto 10 people they told me to take the 28 bus back – at the bus itself they said I should take another one leaving outside the terminal. So I went there. Once in, of course no direct bus so I went to the center – and there finally found a bus to Northern. I took me around 3h!

Once at the terminal its huge but after asking and asking I managed to get into the minivan (60 Baht) and after all the morning issues felt asleep and was so glad once I actually arrived in Ayuttaya.

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