Surf n´ Yoga Tenerife

Sitting on the airport I´m shortly boarding flying back to Frankfurt. Resuming what I experienced this almost five weeks is difficult. Said in one word it was intense. And great. I learned so much and I met so many nice people.

TTC in Tejina, North Tenerife

The first month I assisted a Hatha Yoga Teacher training and I´m so happy I´m officially a yoga teacher now. Our time schedule started every morning at 7am with meditation followed by pranayama, asana practice and theory and we usually finished our classes around 7pm. After diner we still had to do homework or prepare classes so intense is defenitely the right word. Apart as for eating and sleeping and three days off that whole month we basically spend studying. And this was great. We learned so much and got an actual framework with whom we can go out to the world and start teaching. The school was nice, our house wonderful and even though we hadn´t much time to go to the beach at least we could see the seaside from far away as we were situated on a hill.

Thanks once more to my teachers, they did a perfect job. Thanks also for the other students who became my second family during this time. We spend 24h together, shared rooms and our meals (which always were delicious, we always cooked for the group following a vegeterian diet and it tasted different every day and we never missed we didn´t have like onios, coffee or a bear), we laughed together and sometimes we cried. We supported each other wherever necessary and there was not one bad word in all the time. I´m so gratefull for being able to study in such a nice and peaceful environment and it was hard for all of us of letting go. We also learned so much from each other, we were all different though there was an agle I could connect to with everyone.

The day our ways separated was hard for everyone but we still are in touch and hopefully will keep it.

Letting it sink down – stopover San Miguel/ South Tenerife

After several bus rides I arrived in the Southern part of Tenerife in a small town called San Miguel. I choosed this place basically because it had the nices hostel in the island and I didn´t regret it. Even so there are bascially no direct busrides nowhere, the house is amazing and also the people I met there. And most of them having a car actually didn´t made it a problem at all. San Miguel is in the mountains and as inTejina you can see the sea from far away. You can do some short and easy hikes from there (all around 7km) and just relax. I spend 2 of my 3 leftover days trying to surf once again and ended up north again, close to Bajarmar. In the end the surf spot was great but too good for my niveu in surfng which made the whole trip a tiny bit frustrating (1,5h carride and 20min barefood walk on hard stones which made my feet getting cramps the whole time on my way back and it still hurts). Anyways it was an experience and I just say it is also good to recognize when you fail. The second day we went surfing in Playa de las Americas, for beginners easier on low tide, pros can surf all day. First time I went into the water I went barefood (once again…) and regreted it again. I got cuts from the stones and decided that I better get some shoes. Once back again it was great and fun.

I didn´t know before but Tenerife is actually a nice surfing spot, specially if you have a car and can move around. You will always find some waves. The only disadvantage is that there are usually reef breaks but in case you have certain level you will definately have fun!

The third day left I did a 2h hike to Grenadilla and from there took the bus to el Medano spending the afternoon at the beach. Southern Tenerife is much more consistent than in the north – I had sunny warm weather every day.

Time passing too quickly

Resuming I didn´t see that much even though I spend quite some time here but at least this way I would have a reason to come back.

Saying good-bye was hard once again but this is the travelling life and in the end the world nowadays became so small and who knows where meeting next. Like one friend I made in Malaysia the three times we met it was always on diferent contintents. Life is still and anventure and I love it. My flight to Asia is already booked for the end of the month and I´m already looking forward to it so much. The journey goes on…

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