Resuming experiences – 3 month of yoga practice in South America

Before heading to my next stop in Tenerife, Canaray Islands, Spain, I took some minutes to think about my experiences in South America.
Practicing yoga over there was more difficult that I expected it to be. Having in mind that at least I brought my mat and was able to do some home practice (or even better, sometimes at the beach) if my travel schedule allowed and I had or a room for myself or was lucky to find my dorm without other travelers (best time is usually early afternoon when everyone is out).
Besides that, yoga isn´t as spread as one might think. Of course I found studios in every big city – but apart from that, there wasn´t much. On some surf destinations there were eventually classes offered by the hostels, but the participation was low or none. So if we can to classify, there are two factors to have in mind: we have to distinguish if we talk about a city or some small towns and there is also a relation to the percentage of catholicism – at least this was my perception. There bigger the city, the more studios and diversity of styles you can find. On small towns or islands – were also the catholic community is bigger – you might not be able to find anything. I don´t want to associate yoga to any religion, please don´t get me wrong. But this was how I preceived local people to prejudice yoga – unfortunately. I am pretty sure this is going to change, it just needs some more years.
If I would generalize I would say that the more you go south, the more yoga you will be able to find, the most Western it also gets.
Besides the yoga studios (even chains in some cities), I also find some ashrams though basically they all run below the same organisation and have their focus on Bhakti Yoga (I visted two and folks there were all Hare Krishna).
Resuming you can say there is yoga in South America – but in case you don´t like to do your own practice alone, it might be hard to find classes, depending where your travel route takes you.
I believe I might have probably found more if I would have stayed longer in each place. I usually had three sources in finding the yoga places I wrote about: looking for yoga + the city I planned to travel to in Google, asking locals and just walking around attentively looking for signs (and actually two of my places I found this way).
Besides all, I´m pretty sure you will love your stay in South America, enjoy the kindness of the people, the amazing food (specially in Peru) and the beautiful landscapes and beaches.

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  1. Did you try yogatrail ?


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