Up and down the coast : Lima – Trujillo/Huanchaco – Chiclayo – Lima

This part of the trip has defenitly be the worth planned one as I had to go North in order to go back South again. Anyhow this is how travelling might end up and the fact was that I had the first leg of my flight back from Chiclayo as I originally planned to take advantage of my 12 hours stopover in Lima to get to know the city. I coudn´t have known that I would end up there before. So I took a flight to Trujillo, spend three nights in Huanchaco, took a 3h30 bus ride from there to Chiclayo (there isn´t too much to see – and less if you have an hours before sunset). My Chiclayo to Lima flight was super early so Ihad to get up at 4h30 today, spent a relaxed day in Lima and now I´m waiting to board to Madrid.


…Was the perfect joice for my last days. It´s a calm, small and relaxed town with beautifull waves, surfers and some local turists.

The choice of my hostal was also great, I could hear the waves out of my bed. A fantastic place to relax for a couple of days. The hostal is called Casa Amelia and I had some nice company with relaxed people. I got some sun even though it was not too hot and actually a bit cold during the nights. Even though it was one of the places I would have wanted to stay longer and where I might want to come back to. In the end I didn´t even saw the largest wave in Chicama – the whole reason I went there. But like this at least I have a reason to come back to Peru 🙂

There is also some yoga going on (google for Atma Yoga, clases Mon-Wed-Fri: 9h30, only 10 Soles if you stay at Casa Amelia). The class isn´t crowed so a personalized class is guaranteed. The style is traditinal Hatha.

Be aware that there is another webpage offering yoga in the morning in Huanchaco but that girl already left but the homepage is still online. When I talked to locals I had to find out that this isn´t updated since 2 years!

And one pic from Chiclayo


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