Downsides of travelling

I always try to write in a honest way, so it is also time to recognize that there might be a day, you don´t feel happy. Where you feel everything is too much, that you have no energy left and you feel lonley.

I ended up crying in the middle of the airport in Cusco. My first impressions of Peru weren´t the best. I arrived in a grey, cold and rainy city and I rather a bad day.

After travelling for more than two month I had a weak moment. I had to get up quite early and didn´t slept well. Everyone knowing me knows that I´m not at my best if I don´t manage to sleep my eight hour… I already felt I had no energy for being sick for too many days now, and in fact as of today I don´t feel so much better. I just got back from Machu Pichu which was a emotionally and exhausting but also gret experience but I will share this in another post.

The day I arrived in Peru, additionally of being sick and tired I also had to deal with a broken heart. Of course you get to know new people every day on a trip like this but I ended up spending a lot of time with someone special which made me consider changing my plans and visiting Chile. Even eventually thinking in the future. But things turned out not be like I thought they were and I had to say good-bye. Leaving people behind is always hard but this time was worse. But all happens for a reason. I wouldn´t have gone to Machu Pichu if it wouldn´t have been for this encounter.

Anyways let´s resume my emotional and physical conditions weren´t the best. I had a stopover in Lima and needed to get some money as I spent all my Chilenean Pesos back there. And my credit card didn´t work! I hadn´t had any trouble on the whole trip and right now I was there stuck. I tried every cash machine there was on the whole airport… tried to buy some water at a shop – nothing worked.

This was just too much, I knew I needed money the next day as I had an early train to Aguas Calientes and will need a taxi to go to the station, I needed to pay my hostal, get some food… I really got worried and couldn´t do nothing. The bank wouldn´t inform my mum what happened due to confidentiality and my other card, same account, was on my backpack. So I had some pretty nervous hours till I finally arrived at Cusco, got my luggage and searched for my card with shaking hands. The moment I tried to get the money out was horrible. Knowing that within some seconds I would know if I´m in real trouble or not. I knew I had no energy left, I wouln´t know what to do. But it workd. The card worked, I took some money from the machine and was so relieved I started crying for a moment.

After that I tried to get my strengh together and started walking towards town in search for a cheaper taxi. That day I didn´t left the hostel, went to bed early and more or less had the energy to go on m trip to Machu Pichu starting the next morning.

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  1. I feel you, every now and then while travelling you have bad days! But i feel like the positives far outweigh the negatives!

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    1. Definitely! Of course, it gives you so much, I never regret being on a trip.


  2. kwdickinson says:

    That’s so much like my trip to Peru years ago (including the card/money thing) it’s scary!

    One day at a time is all you can do. Enjoy the little victories, and just keep thinking. There’s always a solution if you just keep your wits about you. 🙂

    Good luck! xx

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I actually really like Peru, it was just a backyard start but now I really enjoy my time here.


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