San Pedro de Atacama

Entering a new world

The trip to San Pedro de Atacama and the dessert was just amazing. Everyone always said Atacama would be beautiful and I couldn´t really get it till I went there myself. I did three different tours and it was one of the greatest experiences of my trip. Different to whatever I have seen before. Each bus stop was entering a whole new world. From moon like landscapes to lagoons and the andes viewing Vicunas au natural in the wildness. The best is to discover it yourself. Normally it can get quite expensive over there but as it was low seasson, prices are alright. Just bring lots of warm cloth. The first tour to Valle de la luna was fine but the other two days as we went higher (up to 4200 meters) it got windy (Piedras rojos tour) or damn cold (visiting los Geyser with minus 10°C). I have not much words for this piece of the world, I believe the pictures speak for themselves.





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