Discovering Santiago de Chile and the city´s yoga culture

Arriving in Chile

Arriving in Santiago was different to the other places as I already knew people there. Like in Valledupar my focus wasn´t to run from one sightseeing spot to another but spend time with friends. So basically apart from things I saw from the taxi I didn´t see that much of the city (tough I´m wondering if there would have been much more to see). I got ill and spend 3 days in bed doing nothing. Before that I made it do the city center, la plaza de armas area and went shopping. This was actually the first city where I got tempted to buy some cloths. In Colombia for example things are just too expensive for the bad quality the cloth are made off and in Ecuador I didn´t see much shops at all. Santiago has quite some – at least for me unknown – cheap and nice brands so I got myself a new outfit, preparing myself for some days of normal city life instead of my travel cloths. Apart from the plaza and the shopping the center isn´t the most intersting place to be. Nothing to compare with like some Spanish towns were you find an exceptional looking builings in every street.
I also went up the Costanera tower where you get a view from the 62 floors. Nice to do but not a must do. To get some view you can also walk up to Cerro Santa Lucia.

Yoga in Santiago

Much more interesting for me was the fact that there is quite some yoga going on in Santiago. I even found a shop (Hilos de Conciencia) with yoga wear produced in Chile. Style-wise there are lots of studios offering Iyengar-based clases. I went to Ayuh Yoga , a studio in the area of Las Condes and got a warm welcome. The class was great and intensive with perfect attention from the teacher. We were only 5 persons that morning so she gave us help in the aligment in every pose. I really enjoyed class and feel sad I couldn´t attend more as for being sick.
After class I had tea with the owner and his wife, also an affectionate traveler (please check out her blog as well) and felt a bit like home.
If you are in Santiago and you are into yoga, I promise you will find a studio close to where you are, the scene grew a lot within the past 10 years.


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