Guayaquil – last stop in Ecuador

Before flying to Chile I had some days ins Guayaquil. The city is situated nicely close to the river and even though it has about 2.5 MM inhabitants you don´t feel that you are in a big city. The bus terminl and the airport are only 20 minutes away by bus and you can walk to everything worth visiting in case you stay close to the center.

I arrived on the cities independance day so there were quit some things going on in the streets.

The next day was Monday and I wanted to visit the parque historico Guayaquil and just foun out on time that it was closed and only opens Wednesday to Sunday – so no way I could visit it as my flight is today, Wednesday morning.

I spent the day walking up and down the malecon, visited the vibrant center of town and its Simon Bolivar park where you will find lots of iguanas and went up to the beautiful las Peñas neighbourhood from where you can oversee town. The little colorful houses are just the perfect motive for taking pictures.

There are also some more things you can do for free like stepping up the 30 meters hight clock tower or visit the MAAC museum (be aware, also closed on Mondays, I had to go back yesterday).

The day after I walked over to Satay Island which is a great escape from the city. The island has two main roads from where you can watch nature at its best. I saw many different birds and my favorite big blue as the sky butterflies. You can do the hikes by renting bikes or walking. I went walking to be able to better spot my surroundings but with the heat this was actually exhausting work after all. I first went left and later right to the Ecoaldea where you get drinks and can watch some crocodiles. Once there you can take a boat back to the bridge so you don´t have to walk all the way back if you don´t feel like.

There are also a couple of yoga studies around but none in the center so unfortunately I didn´t went to one but practiced for myself in my hotel room.

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