Practicing yoga in Bogotá 

Bikram yoga

Similar to Medellín, Bogotá has a great yoga culture. If you search through Google you will be able to find a lot of studios, offering all different styles possible and surely on within walking distance.

I decided to give Bikram yoga a try. I always had a lot of respect for that style as my blood pressure is already low and I get dizzy easily. I thought that maybe after spending a month with more than 30°C I might get a bit used to high temperature but unfortunately I’m not. This is the first time I had to leave a class earlier but I didn’t want to risk to pass out as I still have to travel to Ecuador later today.

The studio and the staff is great though and the class well visited, I guess we were about 30 people – I hadn´t practiced with so many people since I arrived in Colombia and it was nice vibe. The room is cosy and has mirrors all around. I talked to several people coming regularly to the classes and they love it. They even motivated me not to give up, that it’s common to feel like that the first time but that it will get better within time. It’s even good for regulating the blood pressure. So let’s see, eventually I will give it another time. The poses are always a series of about 26 asanas repeated twice. I believe practicing in the heat is great for detox but you should always hear of your body and how far he wants to go as of course with the heat you are more flexible than usual.

Now after class I have to recognise I feel a bit tired, today was too much for me but I haven’t felt that clean for weeks. Anyway maybe it wasn’t the best decision to try out this style when I just had recovered more or less from my cold…

If you want to try for yourself, the studio is located just in front of the 12:12 hostal:

Further studios in Bogota

For other styles, check out

Photos taken in La Mina

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