Practicing yoga in Medellin

HappyYoga in Medellin

Apart from not liking the city too much I have to recognize it has a great offer for practicing yoga. I went just through the google maps search using my location in el Poblado as a base and there were actually 4 studios within walking distance.

My first Kundalini class

I ended up going to Happy Yoga (Sunday classes for free, other days 30.000 COP) and attended my first Kundalini class. Entering the big room I already felt home, some nice Indian music playing in the background, dimmed light and enough space for everyone. In the end we were like 10 students and the class was quite different. Some came all dressed up in white but the class is open for everyone. We started with a short meditation and a warm up of the column and than basically repeated the same movement I don´t know for how long chanting Hare. Kundalini is the snake located in the column and within the excercise we tried to creat agni, fire in order to awaken the Kundalini energy. It was quite exhausting but the teacher motivated us not to give up on our journey and so we went on and on. We finished with some furhter chanting and relaxation and I must admit for that I felt we only did one excercise the class passed quite quickly. When I checked the time afterwards, 75 minutes had be gone but it didn´t felt that long at all. This won´t be my favorite style but for once in a while variation I liked it. It for sure wasn´t my last class.

For more info, check

Here some furhter yoga studio options in Medellin:

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