The past days I was visitng a friend living in Valledupar. His favorite phrase that days was that “its the third time we met and every time was on a different continent”. Quite cool actually. Besides that, Valledupar hasn´t too much to offer. There are no tourist attractions a part from some statues and I´m already missing the beach.

Instead they have a river and we did an excursion to La Mina about an hour away by collectivo. The landscape there is amazing and the river clean and fresh. Unfortunately the mosquitos agree that it is a nice place to be – so we came back with tons of new bites and the day after a friend of us and myself got sick. We are not sure if this was just a coincidence or if whatever bit us did this…


Anyways it has been some restfull and interesting days as almost all of the group of friends there work in bilingual schools. Some as volunteers, some as teachers. Depending on that the schools are quite different. Whereas some have 50 pupils to teach and almost none of them can have a conversation in English; the nivel of the private bilingual school is better. They have airconditioning, less people in the class and much more space. Here you can really see the difference between the rich and privileged people.

I also met some local people and we discussed the problem which I also spoke with some other Colombians: even though you study it is not easy to get a job. While studying you need to do a lot of internsip for free. The import thing is experience. It is not enough to have good grades, worst case you need to do a trainseeship where you also work for almost no salary. Afterwards chances are low that they hire you as you will got replaced with another cheap trainee. They told me that they take lots of advantages with this – though honestly I also knew a lot of cases like this in Germany.

One night we also went out and I finally got to know a bit of the Colombian nightlife. Though also this is relative as we got an VIP room for consuming a bottle of licor so in the end we stayed a bit apart. We danced to lot of Vallenato, the typical music from this region (which you usually hear in every taxi and bus) but luckily they mixed it with songs we knew. A nice mixture after all. A nice mix of local people with Western workers, local city life and time to rest.


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