Doing yoga at the Carribean Coast of Colombia

As you might already have noticed unfortunately there aren´t too many possibilities for practicing yoga in the area of the Carribean Coastline. The only places where you will find some classes are usually in the spots where you can also do surfing. There was the possibility of attending a class in Costeno Beach which almost never takes place as people weren´t signing up for it.

In Palomino this was different, there are several spots to practice. I attended a class at the Dreamer Hostel and we were around 8 people. Prices are 15.000 COP for 90 minutes but the class took actually 2h in the end as our teacher did great work adjusting all of us so class took a bit longer which was perfectely fine.


The girl that tought us was my favorite teacher so far though the class was similar to the others I attended. Talking with her after class she explained that basically the only affordable course is the one of Yoga Inbound in case you are not living in Bogota or Medellin. That explains while all teachers I met so far came from the same school.

I´m already curious what differences I will find in the other bigger cities.

Anyway, bottom line is that you need to practice on your own as there aren´t many possibilities once travelling around this area. The only spot you can vary the teachers is in Palomino. Besides the Dreamer Hostel I saw more signs, for example of the Eco Sirena Hotel or just wandering through the streets.

The good thing is that with those amazing beaches it is so much fun playing around in the sand, you don´t feel the need to attend class even so I try my best to go to as many as possible.

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