Casa Yoga – yoga in Minca (Sierra Nevada)

Finally!!! Finally some spot there where you can find some like-minded people. Walking through Minca town there are hostels offering yoga clases and I also followed a sign saying Casa Yoga. I had no idea so just followed the signals for maybe 5 minutes and found a small house. They offer clases on donation basis at 6h30 am and 5pm – I got a warmley welcome and some interesting informaion about some ashrams close by which I´m currently visiting (more about this in another post coming soon).

It worth checking out their homepage as there are also some special retreats and activities upcoming.

Besides Casa Yoga you could check out La Loma – they also offer clases and its a hostel as well. 90 minutes for 15.000 COP as of today

Minca is the perfect place to disconnect (and there is not much of an alternative, mobiles usually won´t work) and reconnect with nature. So if you feel like me and need some break and just wanting some practice – this is the place to be!


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