Yogi up your life : Mandala Fashion

Today I want to dedicate some minutes to say thank you to Mandala Fashion. Thank you for doing what you do the way you do it. Based in Munich, Germany, this yoga clothing brand was founded in 2000. Not only do I fell in love with the designs of they fancy leggings line – after wearing them for some time now I can confirm the quality is also great. Last January I went visiting the Yoga World fair wearing one of my first models. Not only got I lot of compliments – one girl approched me asking if I´m happy with the quality. She told me that some time ago she wasn´t happy with it but I confirmed that nowadays it´s fit and long-lifity is perfect. I´m happy I could help out and share what I like.

Another plus is that the collections also follow same color lines – meaning that you easily will find a leggings from last season fitting well color-wise with a top from the current colection. Like this you don´t need necesarilly buy a whole new outfit but you will be able to combine several collections.

A third postitive point is the eco-friendly production. The founder Nathalie Prieger takes great care of sustainable use of the resources of our planet:

Ethic and fashion, combining both was my vision for the future and with MANDALA we are able to tie these aspects sustainably. Our collections represent this vision trendy, our mottos refer to ethically correct characteristacal trait of all MANDALA styles.

On their webage https://mandala-fashion.com you will find the following more detailed info and a lot of more information about their philosophy in case you want to read more:

With a consistent focus on sustainable and certified textile production MANDALA is one of the Eco-pioneers in the German market. Significant is the production according to ecological standards such as GOTS and TEXTILE EXCHANGE guidelines. All models of the MANDALA collection come from ethically fair production. Thus, MANDALA supports independent family farms and small local production sites in Turkey, China and India.

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