No yoga in San Andres

When I came to the island I really hoped I would find more places for yoga than in Cartagena though I hadn´t much luck searching in google. Still I believed to see some local signs of small studios – which wasn´t the case.

When I talked to the people, I found out the following: for strangers it is quite difficult to open their own business in the island as they try to protect the locals (which is a good thing by the way). Being said that, another strong factor is their religion. I heared from more than one person, they are extrenely catholic and as yoga “has some kind of base within Hinduism and Buddhism – they won´t practice it”. Strangers properly would – but if you don´t have a space to practice, yoga is actually only practiced by few in their own houses. Which is a pity having the view of those beautiful beaches. But like this one must just practice for oneself.


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  1. Cristina Cuevas-Mohr says:

    Hello, Namaste!
    I am a yoga teacher in San Andres for 10 years now.
    I am the only one teacher, my yoga studio is in the southern part of the island..
    It´s true that people here are not tuned with yoga and that their view for yoga has a religious prejudice but not because people are catholic only, just that religion takes hold in places where there isn´t much opportunities for a higher education and a broader view of the world.
    You can look me up in
    Right now I don´t have a website.
    Cristina Cuevas-Mohr


    1. Dear Cristina, many thanks for your input! Hope people will find you and attend many of your classes


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