Intentions for travelling

Beginning a yoga class we usually set an intention on what we want to dedicate our practice to. Usually I’m doing the same finishing my daily morning meditation. I like to start the day focusing on, for example, staying within my state of inner peace.
Sitting in the airplane – the first of my three flights today to reach Cartagena de Indias – I was asking myself: what is my intention for this trip? Flying back in three month – what would I want to have taken home from this journey?
I always knew I wanted to travel more, with less rush than when I visit a country having only two weeks of holidays available. So let’s set this as intention number one: going with the flow with no rush from one place to another but being open for any discourse this trip might have planned for me.
Besides that there was a big questionmark in my face. Why do I want to travel?
Anyways I have more than 20 hours left before arriving in Cartagena – plenty of time to think about what I want the outcome of this travel to be. Though – on the other hand – isn’t this exactely the perfect start; not expecting anything and being able to adapt to whatever adventure is upcoming as nothing is planned?
I like my first principle, not rushing. Even though I have almost three month in South America america I believe chances are high me getting busy wanting to see things once I start reading my travel guide which is still unopened in my backback.

18 hours later…
While I’m on my third flight flying over Bogota I’m ending this article.
Truth is I don’t know much more as before. I guess I will accpet not having expectations and letting the universe suprise me. After all this is the luxuary of this travel, not following a fixed schedule.
So I keep the intention not too hurry and promise myself to enjoy whatever comes up and to follow my intuition – it will be just what I needed. Anyways you cannot plan in advance that you develop yourself spiritually, professionalize your surf skills or whatever. Life will give you the chance to learn what you need to learn – in that given moment. With that in mind I know I will get back enough from the upcoming weeks. No matter if travelling or being at home in your day to day life – I believe those are good principles we all should try to remember.

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