One weekend in Leipzig

Yesterday night I came back from a weekend in Leipzig, Eastern Germany. Besides Berlin I haven´t been to the East yet, so this was exciting as I wasn´t sure what to expect. Within this two days – I spent with a good friend there – we didn´t see as much as we planned having in mind that on city trips I usually spent the day walking through town from 9am – 9pm without almost any break.

IMG_20160723_134441Dunking into culture

This time we took it slowly, wandering around, getting great food and the opportunity to talk with locals.

The majority could be named extremely friendly and service-orientated;  the younger generation being pretty alternative with lots – but really lots of tattoos. Whereas in other cities the youth looks quite uniform, it was refreshing to see some individualism once again.

Even as for the shops of course you find the standard chains but also a lot of privatized shops you will only see in Leipzig or online. Sales assistant don´t look mad at you entering the shop as they might need to work a bit but where smiling and pretty helpful assisting us helping to find what we were looking for. I still remember that this service was common long time ago in Western Germany as well but at least speaking for Frankurt nowadays unfortunately good service is an exeption.

unbreaking Stereotypes

Also older people working was new and nice to see. Instead of seeing all the immigrants working as sales women (this is another point, there seem to be much less foreigners living – coming from Frankfurt where we have a mix of so many cultures, this almost felt a bit weird..) there were elderly women around 60 working. It´s great that they still get the opportunity to work and they looked pretty happy doing their job.

As mentioned, the alternative scene is also widespread – in generall there seem to be a lot of younger people living there. I also heard that Leipzig will be the new Berlin; prices for appartments being still affortable. So be aware, if you are planning to move East, Leipzig is defenitely a city worth checking out.


We stayed close to the main train station which is perfect as you are in plain centre (Pension Schlafgut: small, clean rooms with comfy beds and shared bathroom) and you can walk everywhere. We passed the centric streets with its cool shops, buildings and restaurants. After that we had a look from above from the so called Panoramatower- entry is only 3€ and its worth for getting a first feeling of the structure of the city. After that we went walking Karli Street and had a tasty lunch. Be aware that shops there close early on Saturdays so unfortunately almost every store was closed when we got there in the afternoon. Some part of that street is also perfect for going out, it has a lot of bars and places to eat.

On the way back to centre we passed the Elster river and Clara-Zetkin-Park where you have live music in a pagoda and people dancing even though it started to rain a bit.

Sunday we spend on the lake. Our first recommendation was going to Cossi but lucky us we found out water quality was bad right now so you cannot swim there – before actually going there. We ended up in Kulki (easy to reach, just take the tram 1 till its final station, direction to Lausen and walk from there). The lake is a bit smaller but still beautifull and the water was incredibly clear. Swimming there you could see all the plants and little fishes below, just amazing!IMG_20160724_121146After that we had a lunch in one of those typial German restaurants and then headed back to catch the train.

For those who also like to include some shopping, check out the following stores:

Veganz – health and food care

Grünschnabel – organic clothing

Wohnmacher – decoration


Patiperro – world basar

Tranquillo – decoration, clothing


Yoga in Leipzig

20160725_183852Some of you might wonder when the yoga part comes – and unfortunately there is none. Due to summer holiday time and being there on the weekend I didn´t find much options to practice so had to take a two days break. But there are actually some studios I want to list as I did some research but unluckily I couln´t test them. But at least I saw some people practicing on the streets, so the yoga scene is alive there (also see the main picture of the chakra wall I found in a backyard close to Patiperro store).



Yoga Ma

Ananda Pur


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