Partner yoga

Learning to trust oneself and others

One of our specials in the Italian yoga retreat we weren’t aware of till it was actually happening was a partner yoga class. Resuming it was a great experience where we were able to get deeper into some poses, being stabilised by the other person and it was also great fun. We started the class doing a partner version of the sun salutation, followed by triangle pose and much more changing partners after every asana. It was interesting feeling the different energies depending with whom you were working with and we also practiced tree pose within a circle of the whole group which was amazing. Being in that static pose but also moving slightly within the circle like leaves in the wind but also knowing you wouldn’t fall in case you tremble as you had the support of the circle was pretty nice and different to the solely practiced yoga we normally do having the focus on ourselves. It’s definitely something to repeat but as Fabio and Julia stated unfortunately nothing to try out in a normal class as some people need to have confidence in the other person and in open classes you usually don’t know the people around. But within our group it was a good and respectfull environment so I was thankful being part of it.

We finished class doing downward facing dog one supporting another. We couldn’t do it with everyone but managed to do a row with five people which was a perfect ending of a great class.


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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    I really think this is an awesome idea!

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