Wanderlust Rheinsteig trail (Kaub – Loreley)

Unforseen challenges

Yesterday I went out on excursion to Rheinland-Pfalz region. A Spanish friend of mine said that a group of people would go for a walk next Sunday. Sounded like a nice idea so I said I’d join. Weather looked ok (for once it wasn’t raining in Germany) and I always like to practice my Spanish so I was happy to be able to go with them.

Shortly before the event I asked how long this walk might take and got the reply immediately: 20 km. Not bad. More than expected and I got a tiny bit worried as 20 km might be no problem but I had no idea how the route would look like. Anyway I decided not to care, got up early and at 10 am we arrived with 9 people in Kaub. Leaving the car there we had to turn upwards to start the hike. My information was that there would be a first part going up and that further on it would be flat. But actually this wasn’t true and the more we walked the more the way changed. More or less on half of the way I learned that we were actually doing part of the Rheinsteig trail- a proper hike and nothing to compare with just going for a walk. So ok, if this actually was supposed to be doing kind of a sportive activity I guess it’s ok most of us looked quite exhausted after some of the uphill parts.

We went up and down again, passing beautiful fields, forest and some parts of the route were actually quite steep.

But the views were amazing, always more or less following the course of the Rhein river. It was totally worth the effort and after six hours including some breaks for food and photos we arrived happily at Loreley.

The Loreley myth

The Loreley is a place even poems have been written about. It has been said that a beautiful women would have sat on the top of the so called mountain so sailors would have looked up to her and couldn’t looked away crushing her ships on the reef. Only a myth of course but still, many boats crushed long time ago, even smaller ones who could have passed that curve without any troubles…

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