How to relax best in Montefiore

Last week I spent in Italy in a yoga retreat held by Julia and Fábio from Ananda Yoga in the beautiful location called Yogaitalia.

The spot itself makes you feel relaxed instantly. Close to the small town called Montefiore dell`Aso you have the greatest view over the hills close by and on some days are even able to see till the seaside.

As the venue has so many nice places so sit down and chill, decisions on which to choose might be tough. You can have a refreshing bath in the chlorine-free pool watching the surroundings, chill in one of the hammocks below blue sky and olive trees or feel like a child again using the big swing or jumping using the giant trampolin.

Yoga and relaxation

Another great factor was of course doing yoga twice a day. Spending 3 hours stretching your body just makes you feel good per-se. We had a mix of Vinyasa Flow and Yin practices so it was never too exhausting having in mind that temperature was around 30°C. Besides those styles we also got some partner yoga and myofascial release class to loosen up routine which was a great experience.

Besides the classes we also did chanting, meditation and a mantra recitation which meant sitting there for 45 minutes reciting the same mantra 108 times – an experience I hadn´t made before and being in a group of similar minded people the energy was unique.

Starting the day in silence

Another factor which made us relax was the hour in silence before starting the first class. We agreed not to talk till we would have sing our three Oms in the morning.

Starting the day doing a Kayak Tour during sunrise

This was a great experience thought it ment getting up even earlier that day – to be precise at 4am. Once in the Kayak and on the sea this fact was quickly forgotten as we headed in the direction of the sunrise. No-one talked, everyone just appreciating this special moment and after this special moment passed we went kayacking along the coast and made a coffee break on one of the beaches. Which just came about the right time- even so we do yoga every day this movements became quite exhausting after a while.

Feeling like a child

Besides having this big swing and being to able to sway again or jump on the trampolin which I believe I didn´t do for years, we also had a special evening where we could just lay down and Julia would read us Buddhist short stories from a book.

Making an excursion to the beach

Close to Sirolo, a beautiful town were we stopped for coffee, there is a hidden beach hard to find as you park like 20 minutes away and then it means waking down the hill  (and worst, on the way back, you need to get upwards) but it was so worth it. Cristal clear water, not too much other people and even some well needed shadow for some of us made this the perfect beach location where I could have stayed much longer!

The beach closer to Montefiore is close to Pedaso though you will find more tourists in that area so it’s definitely worth to drive a bit.

Montefiore dell’Aso is a small town itself with a fantastic view and some nice cafes to get some apperetivo and watch the sunset.

Vegeterian Food

Food wise we had our own Chef at YogaItalia who surprised us every day with excellent vegetarian food. Some of us recognised that the great food was one of the reasons coming there and I have to admit that besides the yoga and the beautiful place and landscape itself for me the food was also one of the arguments choosing this retreat.


I would definitely recommend this retreat as it’s diversity was perfect, the location and food as mentioned as well and I was also lucky having a group of great people around me. We all had in common being there to relax and have a calm week where we could reconnect with ourselves and give us a treat so the atmosphere was friendly and respectful. I had great interesting talks with the others and although we were 15 people the group didn’t split up in small groups but everyone talked and went on doing things with different people. Even though I like trying out new things, I’m actually thinking I might come back to this beautiful place. It’s magic is that once you are there you are just living the present moment, enjoying every second and it’s energy just makes it so easy for you to disconnect from the past and future. As Mischa stated in his blog writing about this week it was “just being”. Living the moment.


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