Rooftop yoga

Getting closer to the universe

Practicing yoga on the rooftop of the Main Tower, with the skyline view of Frankfurt am Main in the background. That is how I spent my last Sunday evening thanks to Ramona L. and her team from Samana Yoga – a yoga studio in Offenbach who made it happen. Once a  year, this event is an absolute highlight for all Yogis and Yoginis of the Frankfurt areas and tickets are sold out well in advance.

In 200 meters altitude, right on the sightseeing platform of the 56th floor, we practiced 2 hours of Vinyasa Flow. Right on time and while the sun was going down we started our practice at 9 pm with a joint attunement and a short mediation. The class was dedicated to the lotus flower – a nice comparison as we were high rising on the tower towards the sky as well.

While the sun was setting down, we got into a continuing flow and the dynamic of the group and this special moment itself begun to grow. Directly under the open sky we viewed clouds passing right over our heads; escaping the noise of the city thanks to our height. Standing over the daily hectic, focusing on our asanas, it became dark. We finished our practice around 11 pm chanting the  Om Mani Padme Hum mantra – the night had already fallen upon us.

Focusing on yourself – no matter where you are

Rooftop yoga is a unique experience which I would recommend to everyone. Nevertheless I have to admit it doesn’t really matter where you practise, as long as you are able to keep your focus within yourself. It is ancillary if you practice on a roof, within a studio or in your own garden – what mainly is important is not getting distracted but spending time in your body, being aware of oneself and maybe even practising with the eyes closed as I usually do, sometimes even unconsciously. I have to admit that I didn’t see so much of the beautiful skyline of Frankfurt as most of the time I had the eyes shut. If you manage to find our inner balance, switching off your mind where you are, you can find calmness and peace in every place, even on a public place in the centre as we did on the International Yoga Day (please see the post from the 21st of June 2016), just keep breathing and find your centre. Or at least try it.

One difference I personally notice between doing outside yoga, whether it is in the forest, on the rooftop or in a park in difference of doing the practice in a closed environment: the energy level is quite different. Asanas I usually have more difficulties with are easier and even my breath is calmer. I can relax more and go deeper into the poses. I feel more awareness of the moment and myself. Despite of potentially having more distractions being outside, I manage to have more lightness and stability in my poses. Being one with nature, connected to the universe. Sthira sukhamasanam (Yoga Sutra 2.46) – under open sky and on the rooftops in Frankfurt a little bit easier.

And a little extra tip: in case you are going to attend a class like that – bring extra warm cloth. Even so you are moving it might get colder than expected and it is pretty windy. I even got cold wearing a shirt and two pullovers and had a fleece blanket to cover myself in shavasana.

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  1. Beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. kwdickinson says:

    What an interesting experience. Very spiritual, to rise above the city and experience the sun in all it’s glory.

    I did some yoga at the top of the Sydney Tower Eye when I was in Australia. It was great. We did it at dawn, starting in the dark and really saluting the sun as it came up. 🙂

    We were inside though, which is good, because it rained half way through, lol.

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