Home practice

This has been discussed so many times in other blogs but as there are still so many people thinking they wont be able to practice at home, I will give some input as well and maybe I get at least one of you to establish a routine. 🙂


It´s so much easier to just roll out your mat and practice right after getting out of bed or when coming home from a stressed working day and calm your mind and stretch your body. Instead of motivating yourself leaving home and going to the studio, for me its much more efficient just doing it at home. You don´t spend precious 30 minutes of your free time getting to the studio so in the end there are less excuses of “I couldn´t make it, I just didn´t have 2,5 hours of spare time today”.

This doesn´t mean I don´t go to classes – this is important as well – but I don´t limit my practice to the few times a week I go to a course. Of course this is hyper important when you start with yoga so can you learn the correct alignment of each pose but after some time, just give it a try and practice home.

There is nothing better than practicing for yourself, going with your own rhythm and doing the Asanas you need in that exact moment just listening to your body keeping your eyes closed and just being within yourself.

I read a study that it takes about 30 days before you implement a new habit in your routine. And its true, maybe in the beginning there have been days I really had to motivate myself but they are past – now I might get home even late but in case I didn´t manage to practice in the morning I feel like doing something at least before going to bed.

For a start, you can follow some DVDs, practice the flows and with time, just put on some nice music and try to find your own path. Just try not to be too impatient and on some point you will get to missing your practice in case you didn´t manage to do it.

I integrate all possibilities in my practice, sometimes I feel like just following the instructions of a DVD, sometimes I go to a course or workshop to get into that group energy and sometimes I just do my own exercise at home which I hopefully will be able to improve after my teacher training.

And on those days I really feel lazy or don´t have enough energy – there is always Yin. Yin for me is like meditation, even so it might hurt sometimes, or a posture might be uncomfortable, I can always do it. This is what I love, there are so many different ways practicing yoga, there is the right style for every mood you are in.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good, beautiful and true says:

    Home practice rocks. So many of us can’t afford many classes. So thankful for great YouTube teachers. Whenever I do make it so a live class it is like the icing on the cake.


  2. Maha Khan says:

    Thank you very much for bringing healing to our homes


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