Conscious living

You always read you should live in the present, focus on your inside and not worry too much about the past or the future. Sometimes I do this maybe too well. There are those days you leave your house just to find out that it is raining- and as the bus is almost reaching your station there is no way to go back and get yourself an umbrella. Now you might think this would happen in the morning hurry getting to your job but actually I must admit this happened to me just last weekend. I was awake for hours but apparently not looking outside the window consciously- if I would, I might have noticed that it is raining all day long.

Some years ago this might have “ruined” my day; knowing that I will get wet the whole day long anytime I am actually not in the bus but walking on the streets. Last Saturday instead of getting upset I just started smiling about myself that this happened once again and that I do this “focusing on something” quite well sometimes. I really was wondering about myself how I could NOT have noticed that it is raining..

This day indeed I was studying the whole morning, reading through my books in preparation for my upcoming trainings. I was resuming the interpretation of several authors about the 8 limbs described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. There is one step on the path towards Samadhi called Dharana. It´s a stage of deep concentration right before you might get into meditation. I won´t be so priggish to say I got into this state of mind as I didn’t even aim for it nor was I trying to meditate or anything but after what happened; I believe this might feel a bit similar. I was so focused on my studies and just went out the apartment to get some food. Popping out the door on this day meant entering the outside world, literally. Before that I was immersed in my thoughts.

Bottom line is that instead of being bugged by getting a bit wet, I looked for something positive and found it now knowing that I really managed to concentrate on my books. Even if something bad happens, try a smile and you instantly will feel better. Getting angry about it will just make it worse. Nobody does always everything right, no sense for blaming yourself being human 😉

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