Aerial Yoga

Some weeks ago I went to my first Aerial Yoga class. Some time ago I read an article about it and thought I should try it out so I went searching on Google and found a workshop in Offenbach, town close to Frankfurt. Samana Yoga Studio is set up in an apartment in a backyard so it was quite and had a peaceful atmosphere.

I went without really thinking where I´m going to- so when the Ramona L., the teacher first of all asked us to climb up the ladder to install the hammock I was realizing I´m going to be “in the air”. You still don´t know but in the weirdest situations (or not.. but let´s discuss this another time) I might get vertigo all of a sudden. So I went up the ladder and started installing the hammock in the carrier with my knees slightly shaking. I survived. Being honest, its only about 2,5 meters high but still you stand there with the arms above you and there was this second I thought “am I on the right place here?”. Fortunately it passed and the workshop was great fun. The only scary moment was this one before the class had started; the rest of the time it felt more like being on a playground than working out. We all enjoyed the class and managed to get into advanced poses we never would achieve without having the support of the hammock.

Doing stretches, handstands, headstands and poses I cannot even name – always having the support of the hammock. You just need to let yourself go and trust the hammock. I was lucky as we were only a group of 7 people so Ramona could adjust everyone where necessary.

The cool thing is that even though you don’t notice, it actually does something to your body. The spine gets a great stretch due to gravity and the day after I even had a slight muscle ache.

It was a great new experience which I want to repeat as soon as possible. The best thing was the final relaxation. You are lying in Shavasana, levitating in the air, being in a cocoon, your hammock all around yourself. Ramona passed slowly through the room having a Koshi in her hands. You really can disconnect, just hearing the sound of the Koshi floating in the room. If you haven’t been relaxed before, this will do it!




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