Sri Lanka Part 1


I just got back from Sri Lanka where  I was supposed to spend some relaxing holidays but life always offers you lessons to learn and of course everything went other then expected.

Anyways I actually would like to come (though being honest I think that off almost every country I visited..) as there were a lot of things I haven´t seen.

The essence is that living an adventure being alone makes you strong and believing in yourself – once you have to deal with unfortunate experiences by yourself you know that you are able to do so and loose some of the many fears everyone carries around in the mind.

Life offered me the chance to be completely with myself without any interruption  which honestly I missed. Instead of many tourists I was usually the only white person on the bus/train/town or temple. No matter where I was moving, I could just be with myself as the locals were friendly but distanced, not only because of the language barrier but also the culture. Like this I managed to get a glimpse of local lifestyle observing and also spend some nights alone hiding below my mosquito tent at 7 pm because there was just nothing to do and with no electricity I was even unable to read a book.

I had time to think, sleep and focus on my next steps which I´m putting in practice now.



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  1. Maha Khan says:

    Bless your heart. I love your writing


    1. Many thanks for your kind words!

      Liked by 1 person

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