Spring time and first outdoor yoga


It´s spring and finally we got some sunny days here in Germany. It was a perfect day and the air smelled like flowers. Besides all the organization going, I managed to take my mum out for all walk in the fields, forgetting for a couple of hours what is going on and just spend some quality time together.

As for my preparation, I have like a huge staple of books which I want to read before my first module of teacher training which is going to take place in Munich in August. So little by little, some pages every day, I´m trying to advance without going crazy. Worst thing is that I´m actually super interested reading those and can´t wait to read this and that but I cannot read them all at once.. And till end of June I´m still in my current job so its about prioritizing. And first things first – starting the day with my hourly yoga practice which is much nicer now that we wake up with daylight and sometimes even with some warming sun. Can´t wait to start my training and my next outside European travel, but the good thing is that with every day I study and practice I get closer to myself and start caring less about the future and more living the moment.


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